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Employee Spotlight!

Meet Anne-Marie Flanary

Junior Recruiter,        Talent Acquisition &     Corporate Culture.




How long have you worked for MCS? 

I am going on 3 years with MCS come November.


What are your main responsibilities as a Junior Recruiter? 

Partnering with Executives and Program Managers to fulfill staffing needs.

Working closely with the VP of Talent Acquisition and the Talent Acquisition Coordinator to ensure effective work is being completed by the Recruiting Department.

I also do job posting, source new candidates, pre-screen candidates, write submittals for Hiring     Managers, and present offers to be candidates. As well as, being responsible for more challenging   positions throughout the commercial and federal divisions and for fulfilling overhead roles in the  Tampa Office.


What is your proudest moment at MCS? 

Filling the Audio Visual Engineer/Estimator role for Kevin Runia’s Department within a 30-day time frame.


What do you find most challenging at MCS?

Within the Recruiting Department - I wouldn’t say it’s challenging, it’s more of a pet peeve. Reviewing resumes that have misspelled words throughout, the wrong usage of grammar and resumes that come through that are 15 pages long.  Spell check and shorter resumes - It makes everyone’s job easier!


What is your favorite travel spot? 

New York. (Headed there for vacation in August) I am originally from there and I enjoy going back and visiting my family members. My mom is 1 of 10 siblings and 4 of them live in a community called Breezy Point, a borough of Queens. They are a walk away from the ocean and a ferry ride into the city. There is always a couch to crash on!


If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

The President. (Just Kidding)

Usain Bolt. I am an avid runner, running long and short distances 5 days a week. I would love to experience that type of speed in my legs.