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Broadband Wireless Systems Design and Installation

Broadband Wireless Systems Design and Installation

MCS specializes in designing and installing state-of-the-art broadband wireless systems. Our staff of expert communications technicians uses a wide variety of wireless technologies and products to design and build a solution that’s right for your needs. 

MCS brings:

  • CWNP-certifiedWireless Professionals, Experts, Administrators, and Specialists
  • BICSI-certifiedRegistered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs)
  • BICSI-certifiedITS Installers and Technicians
  • Certified Electricians
  • Licensed General Contractors
  • Multivendor integrated solutions
  • PMI-certifiedProgram and Project Management Professionals (PgMPs and PMPs)
  • ISO 9001:2008Registered Quality Management System Processes


 MCS demonstrated world-class wireless design and deployment capability using the latest WIMAX, Wi-Fi and mesh technology to provide 26 square miles of dual radio Wi-Fi mesh network for the City of Hollywood Florida.  This system is also known as “Wireless Hollywood”.  In just 18 months we deployed 750 internet access points (IAPs) that are connected to 11 backhaul sites around the City of Hollywood.  The sum of the devices – two-system radios/routers, subscriber modules, canopy radios, point-to-point radios, antennas - forms a monolithic mesh network; Hollywood’s very own internet.

 Each strategically located IAP is a two-radio system that uses a 2.4 GHz radio for the general public, City code enforcement and utilities; while a 4.9 GHz radio is exclusively for law enforcement and emergency first responders.  This  system design notably increases data throughput over a single-radio system.

 The mesh network has been tested at 96.3 percent street level coverage on the 4.9 GHz safety band, and each point tested well above the signal strength standard (-79 RSSI signal strength).  The radios at the 2.4  GHz public frequency demonstrated 94.7% aggregate wireless coverage.

MCS’ deployment is enhanced by VMM (vehicle mounted modems) that enable installers to test a radio installation by traveling through a neighborhood.  It allows for much faster radio installation and more accurate testing.

MCS has helped the City realize its stated slogan: “Wireless Hollywood”.

 For wireless systems that will enhance your organization’s communications and expand your ability to provide internet access and services contact businessdevelopment@mcsoftampa.com