state-of-the-art visual information systems

MCS specializes in providing state-of-the-art visual information systems and solutions. Our staff of expert communications technicians uses a wide variety of visual information display products to design and build a solution that’s right for your needs.

unprecedented levels of sophistication

Advancements in audio/video technologies allow you to view and present information with an unprecedented level of sophistication, creativity and effectiveness. MCS will work with you to customize a platform for showing and telling the world who you are. Whether displaying goods and services, presenting within your own organization or video teleconferencing we can help others hear your voice and see your vision. With our experienced audio/visual staff, MCS is able to provide the design, installation and maintenance of the following audio/visual

Recent Projects

As an example of a recent visual information services project, MCS installed the largest 4K video wall in the State of Florida in the USF Muma Business School. As part of Tampa International Airport’s expansion we installed all the LED signage throughout the facility.

We provided audiovisual cabling installation and device terminations for the new convention center at the Peabody Orlando Hotel. The integration of the audiovisual cabling into this building was exceptionally challenging due to the complex construction of the building. Audiovisual integration is yet another example of the extraordinarily diverse list of service offerings that we provide our customers.

The Aqualea Resort and Condos in Clearwater Beach, Florida represents a project on which installed an augmented, category 6 structured cabling system for this 14-floor resort, hotel, and condominium. In addition to the structured cabling system, we furnished a turnkey audiovisual system for the facility that included the sound system.