“results oriented” technology

Founded in 1989 MCS began as a storefront operation selling computer equipment and services to small businesses and walk-in customers. MCS grew through a reputation for being a “results oriented” technology provider. Over time the company has earned numerous industry certifications and authorizations whilst gaining the trust of larger nation-wide corporations. Our solid managerial competence is based on program management principles brought by industry-certified Program Management Professionals. MCS received its ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010. This combination of outstanding and committed business and technology professionals combined with a depth and breadth of diverse industry experience sets MCS apart.

IT support services

MCS provides a wide range of IT support services including (but not necessarily limited to):

highly successful programs

Examples of highly successful programs involving MCS include:


MCS maintains tight partner relationships with a number of large and small business partners including (but not limited to):

MCS Prime Contract vehicles

Other Contract Vehicles

Other Contract Vehicles

MCS also has access to a number of other large contract vehicles through prime contractor partners.  Among those contract vehicles are:

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