MCS is an Authorized Cisco Partner

Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) has been a Cisco Collaboration and Network Consultant supporting the Department of Defense, Public Sector, and commercial organizations for over 30 years.

Cisco Partner Solutions​

Cisco Solutions

Mission Critical Solutions is an authorized Federal Cisco Select Partner with specializations in Small and Mid-size Business (SMB) and Advanced Collaboration SAAS. We specialize in the transition from legacy platforms to emerging compliant VOIP technologies.

We have unique capabilities to design, engineer, install, integrate, and support complex Cisco deployments within a mixed technology environment.

MCS Cisco Projects

MCS completed a phased Cisco implementation of a structured cabling, Cisco secure networking and telecommunications, and audio-visual equipment and systems project supporting Coalition command and control mission. This is a 4-floor, 152,000 square foot facility, with 78,000 SF of SCIF space. MCS installed 900 cable drops to the top 3 floors; 572 of the 900 drops are dedicated to equipment in the SCIFs. MCS installed the voice and data infrastructure networking equipment, consisting of more than 110 Cisco servers in the basement server vault, and the associated routers and power supplies positioned throughout the facility, and 900+ secure VoIP handsets. MCS developed the configuration template for all of the switches for MOTD banner, AAA information, SNMP info, list of VLANs, Extended ACLs, Certificates and other activities.


Cisco Network Engineering Services

MCS also provided a Secret cleared Cisco Engineer (CCIE) to perform a site survey to correct issues and improve security with the existing electronic security systems ESS Network. After extensive technical discussions with the customer, GC and other OEM partners, MCS was tasked with troubleshooting and fixing this network to support operational status. In addition, our team provided various design improvements and security enhancements to support this unique Mission.

MCS also installed the facility’s audio-visual/Telepresence systems. We designed and implemented all audio-visual meeting, Telepresence, briefing and presentation spaces in 6 rooms throughout this facility to include three large video walls. Our audio-visual solution provides the rapid dissemination of information to officers and their staff to maximize knowledge transfer and facilitate command decisions, and provide interoperability and compatibility with other services, component commanders, and associated commands.

MCS provided Certified Cisco Networking items in support of Network upgrades to Public Sector University to include the following:  One (1) Cisco Catalyst 9400 Core switch, seventy seven (77) Cisco Catalyst 9300 48-port switches with seventy seven (77) Catalyst 9300 8 x 10GE Network Modules, eighty (80) 10GBASE-LR SFP Modules and 400 wireless access points to support this network upgrade. MCS designed, sourced and delivered all equipment on time and within the period of performance.

This requirement is for purchase of Cisco Session Border Controllers and VoIP gateways, to upgrade this USAF Base’s VoIP communications system enabling all voice communication to be joined to the VoIP enterprise to minimize future risk of antiquated telephone network failure. This solution required MCS to Engineer, Furnish, Install and Test (EF1&T) for this customer. MCS provide all Cisco equipment, tools, materials, supplies, transportation, labor, supervision, management, and other incidentals necessary to meet this requirement while meeting the period of performance required by this customer.

MCS provided a turnkey Unified Communications compliant Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Passive Optical Network (PON) solution.  Included in this project was design, sourcing equipment, implementation, training, support and onsite SME to assist with ongoing operations and support for this network. This project included a VOIP telephone switch to include the VOIP system (licenses, voice and voice conferences capabilities), Phones, and (23) Voice Gateways that interface to the Base Cable plant.  This service now provide analog dial tone service up to 2,500 phones across 5 buildings on this base.

MCS provides support for several USAF and Joint Base support contracts for Enterprise Unified Communications support throughout these entire base needs. 

MCS operates and maintains these Telecommunication Systems (BTS), typically consisting of a Nortel MSL-100/CS1000/2000  Supernode host/main switch in the Direct Central Office (DCO), with two (2) remote switch terminals. These PBXs are typically equipped with 8,000+ lines and hundreds of trunks, with thoursands of lines in use. In addition, we also maintain the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) VoIP systemx, with with thousands of lines, and the Cisco Unity Messaging voice mail system, equipped for all mailboxes.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) O&M

MCS provides routine maintenance of the Cisco CUCM, unified messaging, and unified contact center as part of the BTS. We perform VoIP database administration of VoIP phones, software functions and number reclamation, translations for any trunk, circuit or line configurations required by on-base systems or users; provisioning trunks, circuits or lines on VoIP Time Domain Multiplexing (TDM) gateways; applying information assurance configurations; activation and assigning features; and records administration.

MCS operates and maintains the Base Telecommunication System (BTS) at Los Angeles AFB (LAAFB). The BTS consists of the main Nortel MSL-100 Base switching system, two (2) Nortel CS-1000 remotes, and Cisco CUCM VoIP system. The BTS is equipped with 17,204 lines, with 5,261 in use, and 91 PRI DID trunks. MCS also maintains the CallPilot voicemail system, consisting of 5000 voice mailboxes with 2400 hours of storage.

Cisco SONET Network

Our telecommunications experts operate and maintain the SONET network at LAAFB. The Cisco SONET OC-X uses fiber connection interfaces, while the laser power output is determined by site characteristics. We inspect and replace, or install, the shelf and control circuit cards. Installation activities include assembly, mounting, and securing the shelf. Additionally, MCS maintains the power, grounding, signaling, and alarm leads required for system function and monitoring. We terminate the alarm leads consistent with existing monitoring systems. Our SONET maintenance system access is extended to the Base’s network control centers.

MCS self-performed the installation of the Cisco-based Veterans Guest Internet Access (VGIA) at the eight (8) locations that comprise this VISN as an extension to the existing VGIA network whose head-end is at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center (OVAMC), FL. MCS installed, configured, integrated, and tested the Wireless Controllers, Cisco Prime Infrastructure Unified Computing System (UCS) Physical Hardware (HW) Appliances, and the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) Physical HW Appliance at the VGIA head-end located. 

Cisco Appliances (Servers)

We also installed and configured two (2) Cisco PI-UCS-APL-K9 Prime Infrastructure UCS Physical HW Appliances, and one (1) Cisco AIR-MSE-3365-K9 MSE Physical HW Appliance.

Cisco Network Switches

MCS installed and configured 131 Cisco WS-C3850-24U-L Stackable Network Access Switches, and 37 Cisco WS-C3850-24U-L Stackable Network Access Switches at San Juan, Puerto Rico (PR) for custom installation. We installed 350 GLC-SX-MMD Multi-Mode Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers for the Stackable Network Access Switches.

Wireless Access Points

MCS installed and configured 2,100 Cisco AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) throughout the VISN-8 facilities, along with five (5) Cisco AIR-CT5508-500-K9 Wireless controllers, one at each facility.

MCS manages and administers the Simulation Learning (SimLearn) Education and Research Network at the Orlando, FL, Veterans Affairs Medical Center (OVAMC). SimLearn is a high-technology, immersive environment that uses simulation to train VA medical personnel.  MCS’s Infrastructure Project Manager (IPM) manages the daily administration and maintenance of Cisco BioMed system, and also provides subject matter expertise in the evolution of BioMed as the facility’s SimLearn mission and infrastructure continue to evolve.

Cisco BioMed System Maintenance

The Cisco BioMed system is built using a number of COTS products (Cisco, Oracle Portal, Oracle Database, Documentum, etc.) and is deployed on multiple servers.  Our IPM maintains the Orlando VAMC multi-site network operations and software applications, operating systems and regular maintenance for the VA Orlando Hospital, outpatient clinic and administration building. The IPM configures and installs client and server network software for upgrading and maintaining the network systems. The IPM also oversees the configuration and installation of the Guest and Vendor wired/wireless networks for the hospital.

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