C4I Systems Design and Production

MCS’ C4I Systems Design and Production Facility is housed in our company headquarters in Tampa’s Drew Park.

The production line was most recently focused on a critical project for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – building Radio Station Cabinets for the FAA’s Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system.

ADS-B is a crucial component of the nation’s Next-Generation Air Transportation System. With ADS-B, both pilots and controllers will see radar-like displays with highly accurate traffic data from satellites – displays that update in real time and don’t degrade with distance or terrain. The system will also give pilots access to weather services, terrain maps and flight information services. The improved situational awareness will mean that pilots will be able to fly at safe distances from one another with less assistance from air traffic controllers.

As a subcontractor to ITT Corporation, MCS integrated and delivered 154 Radio Station Cabinets for use across the nation in interior and exterior environments.

ADS-B Benefits

MCS Prime Contract vehicles

Other Contract Vehicles

MCS also has access to a number of other large contract vehicles through prime contractor partners. Among those contract vehicles are:

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