Physical Security Systems

MCS has 20+ years of securing businesses and government entities across the United States and Tampa Bay. We specialize in integrating various physical security systems such as CCTV Systems (Close Circuit Television), Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Security Fencing.

Whether your business is looking to install a single business security solution or multiple components, MCS can seamlessly integrate these systems into your existing infrastructure and environment.

Your security needs are important, so give us a call today to start planning for your business’ secure future.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Access Control

Intrusion Detection

CCTV is a video surveillance technology that uses video cameras to help users keep an eye on what is going on inside and around their business. The various types of surveillance camera solutions we provide are:

For footage to be recorded, the camera systems must be tied back to a recording system. The types of recording devices we utilize are:

Do you need more visibility into your business? Contact us today, and one of our specialized CCTV technicians can work with you to design your unique solution.

Access control is a type of technology that permits only authorized personnel the ability to enter or exit certain areas of a building or establishment. There are several types of access control systems from finger scanners, to keycode and biometric scanners.

Whether your needs are web-based, mobile-based or IoT-based, MCS has the right mix of solutions for your controlled environments.

Intrusion Detection provides an additional layer of security in the access control or alarm system.

The system can lock down your building’s entire perimeter in case of emergency such as the entrance of an intruder.

The technologies we provide are:

The technologies we provide are:

MCS understands the importance of having a resilient security plan in place. If you’re wondering how else you can safeguard your business, contact MCS’ trusted security team.