MCS’s Managed IT for SimLearn with BioMed

managed it, simlearn, medical training

MCS works with the BioMed/Vendor Service Network (VSN). For the goals of this project, we manage and administer the Simulation Learning (SimLearn) Education and Research Network at Lake Nona Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Orlando, Florida. We provided the IT infrastructure and the managed IT solutions for the SimLearn project.

What is SimLearn?

managed it, simlearn

SimLearn is a high-technology, immersive environment. It uses simulation to train VA medical personnel. For example, SimLearn offers highly effective medical training courses like SimLearn serves as the hub that supports a National Simulation Network of over 150 VA medical centers.

Our Managed IT Role

Primarily, our Infrastructure Project Manager (IPM) manages the daily administration and maintenance of BioMed. Additionally, we provide subject matter expertise in the evolution of BioMed as the facility’s SimLearn mission and infrastructure also continue to evolve.

In short, our IPM manages and updates the BioMed configuration. Also, the IPM maintains the servers and adds bandwidth as the application grows. The IPM programs the database to accept new tables and programs the web-based front end as well.

As part of this project, MCS configures and sets up the Cisco ASA Firewall, VPN Concentrators, and Security appliances for vendors’ systems access from the internet. Therefore, our IPM maintains a thorough understanding of the basics behind the internet and its working. This includes using DNS, Security, IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, and Email Routing. Additionally, it includes a range of other solutions. Above all, the IPM manages and maintains all IP space that relates to Guest/Vendor/BioMed devices throughout the Orlando enterprise.

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